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              Pairs and matched sets of air tested, quality used tires delivered to your door. Single tires too.

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We sell fully inspected, air tested used steel belted radial tires, guaranteed against defects. We have Passenger tires, Light Truck tires, SUV tires, Performance tires, Antique tires, Winter tires,  and Snow tires in most sizes. Over 3,000 tires in stock. We have been in business since 1973......we know tires!

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Inspection Procedure

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Tires are inspected visually, then air inflated to 30 psi. Tires with bubbles, leaks, cuts, dryness, or tread irregularities are discarded. Less than 2 percent of our tires have been repaired. Repairs are limited to one simple nail hole per tire and only in the tread. We do not sell tires with sidewall or multiple repairs. Most tires have 70 percent tread minimum.


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 Shipping is by Fedex only,  costing as little as 89.00  for 4 passenger tires shipped to New England. Other states may be higher, see our chart. Customer pays all associated shipping costs. No shipments outside the continental US. If you want to use UPS you must arrange pickup or email us the shipping labels. 


Pickup Policy

Tires may be picked up in  Bethlehem, Connecticut after payment is received.  Tires will be left out for you, come any time you like. Cash CODs can also be scheduled.

Performance Tires V, W, Y, and Z rated available in 16, 17, 18, and 19 inch sizes and bigger.
Winter Tires  Winter tires are available all year long.
Guarantee Information

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Tires are guaranteed against leaks and bubbles at the time of installation. Tires should be installed within 5 days of delivery. 
Pictures are usually on the auction sites, if you require more, email me. I save the bigger version.
How to Order / Contact Us

Contact us by email at   If you are  not sure what size you need, include year, make, exact model, engine size, 2 or 4 wheel drive and we will research it for you. 

Call us at 203-266-7121

What we don't have or do We sell passenger tires and certain light truck tires only. We have no off road tires, or large truck tires. We usually have nothing above LT245-75-R16. 31 x 10.50 x 15 is an obsolete size, we rarely ever get any. The larger versions of this tire such as 32" or 33" have never been factory OE tires, we don't have any. LT215 and LT235-85-R16 as used on older F350s are obsolete and rare. 16.5" light truck tires are completely obsolete. We do not sell wheels and we do not perform installation, but it is available at my mechanic's shop right down the street.
How to Pay

Contact us for payment details.

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